Linksys SPA2102 Setup Guide

To get your new Linksys device up and running with 2talk you will need the following before you start:

First you will need to set up your device so that it is connected to the Internet for download of the 2talk Configuration. As part of this you will be required to Factory Reset your device.

Step One

Plug your Linksys SPA 2102 power supply into the device and then into your power supply

Step Two

Plug your Analogue Phone into the Phone 1 port

Step Three

Plug one end of the first Ethernet cable into the port labeled Ethernet and the other into the Ethernet port on your laptop

Step Four

Plug one end of the 2nd Ethernet cable into the port labeled Internet and the other into the Ethernet port on your DSL/Internet Modem

Step Five

Pick up your phone handset:

Now wait for around 10 seconds for the unit to reset and then ensure the web interface is enabled by doing the following:

Your device is now ready to be loaded with your 2talk account settings.

Step Six

Now you need to find out the IP Address of your SPA2102 on the network to do this follow these instructions:

Step Seven

Locate the MAC address of your Linksys device. It can be found on the underside of the device.

Step Seven

Your screen should display the following as your device configures:

SPA is updating your configuration. Unit may reset.
You will be redirected to the configuration page in 5 seconds.
If not, you can click HERE to return to the configuration page.

Once you are returned to the configuration page you should be ready to make calls.

The quickest way to check all is working is to pick up the phone handset and see if you have dialtone and make a test call!

NOTE: Once auto-provisioned your device will be assigned a password for 'admin' access to the web interface. The password is the same as your 8 digit 2talk account number (see Account Details page if you are unsure what this is).

Still having problems?

If you have followed the provisioning steps above and are still having problems getting connected then you can try our 'TLS' option. Follow the steps above (factory reset your SPA2102 again) and then instead of clicking the 'Provision Now' button in Step Seven try clicking the 'TLS' button instead. This will encrypt the connection to 2talk so that many routers cannot interfere with the SIP traffic being passed to 2talk.

If the TLS option also doesn't work then please log a support ticket in 2talk live and our support team will assist you.